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Relavor substitutes pharmaceutical drugs with agricultural products such as cannabis and other fruits and vegetables, to formulate the exact compound to treat medical illnesses.
Based upon the DNA of the human using the medicines, the exact unique match for each individual is recommended.

Relavor's DNA Research Maps Humans to Their Unique
Formulation of Pharmaceutical-Grade Agricultural-Based Medicines

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Relavor Leads International Team Of Botanists To
Scientifically Name Each Cannabis Plant and Strain

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More than 1.2 Million known living organisms on Earth have their own scientific names, such as "Taraxacum", which is the scientific name for Dandelion, or "Ananas comosus", the name for Pineapple.
Isn't it time that cannabis plants and strains find their way into the scientific community's handbooks? We thought so too!

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Introducing StrainMatch

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Introducing StrainMatch, Relavor's proprietary cannabis strain matching technology.
Doctor's and their patients may simply select each of their medical symptoms then watch as our intelligent decisioning engine scours thousands of strains of cannabis to find the One Exact Match to treat all of those symptoms.
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